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Demark is a leading supplier of smart factory solutions in the plastic packaging industry. Demark is located in Changxing, Huzhou city , Zhejiang provice. It covers an area of 200,000 square meters. It has fixed assets of 115 million usd. Demark has 4 subsidiaries and has set up sales and R&D bases in Shanghai. The products are exported to more than 100 countries. The services cover PET liquid packaging, Consuming packaging, one-stop service including plant design and planning, integrated production line integration, engineering installation and commissioning, personnel operation training and whole line after-sales service. It mainly produces Direct-Clamping pet preform injection molding machines and pet preform molds, high speed rotary pet bottle blowing machines and bottle blowing moulds, blowing filling capping, Cap Compression Molding Machine and so on.

History: More Than 30 Years, 1989

Since the establishment, Demark specialized in the field of PET packaging, mainly offering PET preform and bottle producing factory solution to our customer, from preform design to bottle blowing. Based on more than 32 years’ experience in single field, Demark products and services include PET preform injection molding machine, non-cutting needle valve hot runner pet preform mold, fully automatic PET stretch blow molding machine.

Engineer: 80

By collecting the essence of PET packaging machinery and PET mold industry, the automatic, human-centered design of Demark machine is greatly convenient to the users which leads to high productivity with excellent efficiency and high cost-performance. At the same time, our powerful team assures our products with advanced technology, reliable quality which gaining high reputation and good well among our customers.

Fixed Assets: 115 Million USD

With working area of 200,000 square meters and fixed assets of USD 115 million, Demark is one of the biggest supplier offering PET packaging whole line solution in China. It’s also a modern technological enterprise which has the ability not only technological designing, manufacturing but also selling and marketing by its own.

Service Engineer: 30

At the present, Demark have a strong engineering team with high technics: about 30 engineers specialized in PET machine and mold design, about 50 general designers and about 160 technicians specialized in PET machine and mold manufacturing for more than 10 years’ experience.

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The company has implemented a comprehensive quality management system and regards the product quality as the life of the company. It has successively imported more than 150 advanced manufacturing equipment and general equipment such as machining centers, turning and milling centers, and electric discharge machines from Germany, the United States, and Japan.

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