Large Shot Weight Pet Preform Injection Machine

  • ♦ Small clamping unit with large shot  weight
  • ♦ Big diameter screw and barrel, special design for PET material
  • 1.Small clamping unit with large shot weight,suitable for different PET preform mould requirements.
  • 2.Equip with low speed and high torque hydraulic motor which is good for charging material stably and fast.
  • 3.Big diameter screw and barrel,special design for PET material.
  • 4.Increased ejector force and stroke to inprove the ejecting speed.
  • 5.Equip with special cooling water distributor and compressed air valve for easy operation.
  • 6.Max mould height is big for different type preform mould.
  • 7.Platen hole could be drilled specially according to preform mould,cancel clamp plate for fixing mould.
  • 8.Equipped with socket for preform conveyor.

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