32, 48, 72 Cavities PET Perform Mould

All Demark pet preform moulds are precision-engineered to the highest quality standards. They’ll dependably process virgin PET flake and pellets to bring greater sustainability to your end products. And we will work with you to make certain you have the right PET preform injection molding system, mold and auxiliaries for your current and future needs.

How many bottles do you want to produce? Design? Weight?
  • ● No matter what kind of request you have,We can all provide perfect mold for your project!
  • ● 1-16 cavities, 24, 32, 48, 72, 96, 128 and 144 cavities.
Neck finish:
  • ● ROPP, ALASKA, PCO1810, PCO1881, BPF, 30/25, 29/25, 26/22, 38mm, 48mm, 50-150mm etc.
Applied on:
  • ● Different brands of preform injection systems such as DEMARK, HUSKY, NETSTAL and KATA.
Features of the perform mold:
  • ● No cutting of valve gate is employed to reduce the labor cost.
  • ● Advanced hot runner system assures lower level of AA value.
  • ● Reasonable-designed cold water channels increase cooling effect and shorten the cycle time.

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