PET Perform Mold Conversion

♦ Modify preform mould and components to optimize the preform.
Do You Need More Flexible Production Methods To Meet The Market Demade?
  • ♦ Conversion for PET preform mould cold half
  • ♦ Changing brands in Demark, such as HUSKY, MHT, OTTO, SIPA.
  • ♦ We change the following parts on the cold half mold: Core, Neck ring, Cavity, Gate insert
  • ♦ In order to meet customer demand, we replace the shaping parts on the mold in
  • ♦ Order to change the preform structure.
  • ♦ The implementation of light weighting project
  • ♦ Quickly change preform neck
  • ♦ The quality as the original mold parts
  • ♦ Each mold is perfectly assembled with the original mold parts
  • ♦ Need less investment than the original mold parts

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