Vision Inspection System

♦ Preform/Cap Vision Inspection System
Preform/Cap Vision Inspection System
  • 1.JG1(single-side):It can detect the physical characteristics of material, oil pollution, black spot, bell mouth, color deviation and other problems of the top surface of plastic cover, as well as the problems of crooked sticker, loose label and misprint of printing after processing.
  • 2.JG2(double-side): Detection of defects in top and bottom of bottle cap
  • 3.JG6(all sides): Detect the defects of the top, bottom and side of the bottle cap.
  • 4.JP1 (Medium Speed):The online or independent PET flask visual inspection system is used to detect visual stains, dimensions, weight problems and the number of cavity. It is suitable for sampling in the quality control laboratory, and is convenient for data statistics and parameter management. It is mainly applicable to laboratory testing scenarios with low speed requirements.
  • 5.JP2 (High Speed)The video inspection system for bottle blank can be installed on the bottle blank injection molding equipment or bottle blowing equipment, and real-time quality inspection is made with the equipment connection. At the same time, it can also be detected off-line. It is mainly applicable to on-line sampling inspection scenarios with high speed requirements.

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