PET프리폼 금형, 사출성형기, 블로잉머신, 페트병 뚜껑 금형 - Demark (Shanghai) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (주)더마커는 PET병 패키징업계를 선도하고 있는 글로벌 리더로서 고객의 경쟁력을 높여주고 이익을 극대화 할 수 있도록 돕는 일련의 PET Preform 인젝션몰딩머신, 프리폼 금형, 스트레치-블로잉머신, 페트병 뚜껑금형 시장을 위한 토털 사출성형 솔루션을 제공한다.
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제품 - PET Preform 사출성형기

오일병|광구 프리폼 전자동 사출성형기

 제품명:오일병|광구 프리폼 전자동 사출성형기
 항구:Ningbo or Shanghai
 물품 인도 기일:2 Month
 포장:Wooden Case
 운송:By Sea
 기능:For Making Wide Mouth & Jar Pet Preform
 결제방식:TT or L/C
 수출시장:All of the World
 2 Screw,The Take-0ut Robot with 1 Station Cooling ,Only 14S.

Demark 12,24 cavities food oil / jar pet preform injection moulding machines@(pet preform injection molding systems@pet preform injection mulding plant@) uses a new part cooling and robot handling system, which features:
    1.  Cooling on the inner surface of the preform without using compressed air, unlike most post-mold cooling systems which only cool the outer surface
    2.  Optimized cycle utilization — being mounted on the moving platen, the cooling system remains active for up to 85% of the overall cycle.

Demark pet preform injection moulding machines are available from 280 to 500 tonnes (2800 to5000 kN) and up to 96 cavities.

Demark pet injection moulding machines offer:
    1.  Faster cycles(14s)
    2.  Reduced energy consumption
    3.  Smaller footprint 
    4.  Improved repeatability 
    5.  Rapid set-up

    1.  Two state plasticizing enables plenty injection quantity;
    2.  Take out plate with three working position insures sufficient cooling time and shorter cycle time;
    3.  High quality parts and accessories from world famous brands enable higher speed and precision;
    4.  Special screw design increases torque while brings down shear force to avoid degradation;
    5.  Accumulator from world reputable manufacture increases performance while brings down power consumption;

Reflex Platens
Reflex platens distribute clamp force evenly across the platen face.
Reflex platens:
    1.  Allow for 10-30% lower clamp tonnage 
    2.  Decrease mold wear 
    3.  Improve part quality
Injection Units
demark systems offer both reciprocating screw (RS) and two-stage injection units. RS units offer the performance required for many PET applications while two-stage is appropriate for higher throughput applications.
DMK-based controls manage all functions of our PET production systems, with optional packages to integrate auxiliaries and downstream part handling equipment. Advantages include:
    1.  Faster cycle times 
    2.  Improved shot-to-shot repeatability 
    3.  Remote connectivity through ServiceNetLink 
    4.  Control of molding system and auxiliaries from a single interface
Linear Bearings
Linear bearings support the moving platen directly on the machine base. This design reduces mold wear by improving platen alignment and perpendicularity, and provides a grease free molding environment. 



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