Moulage par soufflage , machine de soufflage, moule de préformes PET, PET Preformes a Injection & Systems de Moulage. - Demark (Shanghai) Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. Demark machines est The menant fournisseurs de Machine de Moulage par soufflage , moules de soufflage dans l'emballage de bouteille PET. Nous concevons et fabriquons des Machines de moulage par Injetion de préformes Pet, moule préformes en Chine, toute la plante pour la ligne de fabrication de bouteilles PET & Système de Peformes PET.
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Moules de préformes PET

PET Preform Mould from 1 cavity for wide mouth jar and gallon bottle preform up to 96 cavity narrow neck preform mould;

Tube blank is designed with the help of computer, which surely contributes to the increasing of yield of bottle;

Employed internationally advanced two-step dual taper locating technology. Each cavity self-locks independently to ensure low decentration of product;

Core and cavity are made of special mold steel after preheating treatment in the original factory in Sweden. Individual temperature control of all cavity;

Lip cavity is made of imported nitrated steel, which is of high hardness
and long service life, in accordance with international standard;

The excellent hot runner design assures uniform heating and greatly improves the quality of plastic product;

No cutting of gate is employed to deduce the labor intensity;

Standard inter-changeable mould components;

The life of mould is more than 2 million times.

72/96/144 empreintes Moules de préformes PET
16|24|32|48 empreintes Moules de préformes PET
Moules de preformes Pet Huile Alimentaire/Moule pour préformes PET jarre
Systèmes de Moulage par injection de Préformes PET

Demark pet preform injection molding system uses a new part cooling and handling system, which features:
    1.  Cooling on the inner surface of the preform without using compressed air, unlike most post-mold cooling systems which only cool the outer surface
    2.  Optimized cycle utilization � being mounted on the moving platen, the cooling system remains active for up to 85% of the overall cycle.

Demark pet preform injection systems are available from 280 to 500 tonnes (2800 to5000 kN) and up to 96 cavities.
Demark pet injection systems offer:
    1.  Faster cycles(7 second)
    2.  Reduced energy consumption
    3.  Smaller footprint
    4.  Improved repeatability
    5.  Rapid set-up

32/48/72/96 empreintes Systeme de moulage par injection de preformes PET
Jar/Système D'injection De Préformes PET
PET Machines de Moulage par Soufflage

  • With 18-year experience, DEMARK Machinery is professional in the field of plastic package, especially in the line of High Speed Rotary PET-Stretch Blow Molding Machines.
  • We can offer many types of Rotary Blow Moulding Machines to make various bottles, such as bottles for mineral water, carbonated drink, juice, milk, tea, edible oil, sauces, detergent, candy, and medicine bottles, etc.
  • Up to now, DEMARK Machinery has provided more than 200 Rotary PET Blowing Machines for 180 customers from 36
    countries around the world. We shall keep on creating and innovating for this blooming market so as to keep both
    customers and ourselves in front of this field.
  • DEMARK Machinery will bring you not only one-package(one-line)quality machines, but also great satisfaction from
    business partnership.
  • Machine Rotative de moulage par soufflage
    Machine de soufflage Servo
    Machine Linéaire de Moulage par Soufflage
    Machine de Moulage par Soufflage Pour Bouteilles de 5-20L
    Soufflage de bouteilles, Moules de bouchons

    Moule de soufflage | Moules de bouchons pour bouteilles de Boisson

    Moules de soufflage PET
    Moules de bouchons pour boissons, Bouteilles PET