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Professional plastic packaging smart factory solution provider


Company history: more than 20 years


Fixed assets: 115 million USD


Service engineer: 30


Engineer: 80

      With working area of 180,000 square meters and fixed assets of USD 50 million, Demark Holding Group is one of the biggest supplier offering PET whole line solution in China. It’s also a modern technological enterprise which has the ability not only technological designing, manufacturing but also selling and marketing by its own. Since the establishment, Demark specialized in the field of PET packaging, mainly offering PET preform and bottle producing factory solution to our customer, from preform design to bottle blowing. Based on more than 20 years’ experience in single field, Demark products and services include PET preform injection system, non-cutting needle valve hot runner preform mold, fully automatic PET bottle blowing molding machine, PET blowing molds and automatic system design and blower project reformation etc.

       With stable performance and high cost-performance of iPET high-speed PET preform injection system, Demark become the domestic first-class, international leading PET preform injection solution provider. Right now, Demark not only can provide to the customers with high speed preform injection systems up to 128 cavities, but also provide customers with whole line automation solutions for all the injection machine that they have. From 2013 Demark started to develop ECO high-speed PET preform injection system, and become very popular among a large number of customers not only because of its excellent cycle time efficiency but also lower investment at the beginning. With this basis, Demark development and producing S series servo energy-saving PET preform injection systems for medium-sized production, providing customers with a complete and variable solution for PET preform injection system. From drinking water bottle preform, to hot filling bottle preform, CSD bottle preform, edible oil bottle preform with heavy gram. In order to adapt today's diversified consumer market, Demark preform injection systems can be simultaneously meet the different needs of customers but has no compromising on the preform quality.

       The Fully automatic PET blow molding machine designed and produced by Demark has 4 different categories: DMK-R series high speed rotary fully automatic blow molding machine,

       SFL series servo energy saving fully automatic blow molding machine, normal economical linear blow molding machine,SBL series edible oil big bottle fully automatic blow molding machine. By assimilating the advanced technology from European, the DMK- R series fully automatic rotary machine is very close to the European machine standard after many years of testing and verification but with high cost-performance.The production capacity covers from 3000pcs/hr to 30000pcs/hr which is subject to different needs including water bottles, CSD bottle, edible oil bottles, juice, tea drinks and other hot filling drinks. With its high speed, precision and stability, DMK blow molding machine become the best choice to replace imported machines for large water company, beverage company and package container supplies.

       For mold production, Demark is specialized in PET preform injection molds and PET blowing molds. It is one of the earliest companies adopting needle valve hot runner system. Demark not only offer preform molds up to 144 cavities but also take the project reformation of injection molds for the famous international and domestic companies, such as offering cold half part, hot runner, the core, the cavity and screw. Our blowing molds can not only be equipped with our bottle blowing machine, but also be equipped with other famous blow molding machine such as SIDEL, KORONES, SIPA, SIG and ASB. We are one of the few domestic companies whose products can take place of imported PET injection molds and rotary blowing molds.

       At the present, Demark have a strong engineering team with high technics: about 30 engineers specialized in machine and mold design, about 50 general designers and about 160 technicians specialized in machine and preform manufacturing for more than 10 years’ experience. By collecting the essence of PET packaging machinery and mold industry, the automatic, human-centered design of Demark machine is greatly convenient to the users which leads to high productivity with excellent efficiency and high cost-performance. At the same time, our powerful team assures our products with advanced technology, reliable quality which gaining high reputation and good well among our customers.


Company strength

Machining Center

The company has implemented a comprehensive quality management system and regards the product quality as the life of the company. It has successively imported more than 80 advanced manufacturing equipment and general equipment such as machining centers, turning and milling centers, and electric discharge machines from Germany, the United States, and Japan.

MAZAK FJV-35/60 vertical machining center 4;

MAZAK FJV-60/80 vertical machining center 2;

MAZAK LG -NEXUS 510c vertical machining center 2;

MAZAK VARIAXIS I-500 flexible production line 1;

MAZAK INTEGREX i-200s turning and milling machine 2;

MAZAK INTEGREX i-200st turning and milling machine 2;

DMG MORI DMU-60 5-axis machining center 4;

DMG MORI DMG CTX beta 1250TC 2;

MAKINO a92 horizontal machining center 1;

MAKINO a51 horizontal machining center 2;

KENT KGP-1524D gantry grinder 1;

HAAS (U.S.) 3-axis vertical machining center 4;

HARDINGE (U.S.) T51 CNC turning center 1;

STUDER KC33 internal and external cylindrical grinder 2;

SCHLEIFRING K-P36 precision surface grinding machine 1;

SODICK precision EDM (electrical discharge machine) 1;

SODICK ACN400GS low speed wire cutting machine 1;

Germany precision 3D surveying instrument 1;

Taiwan Digital projector 2;

High-speed laser marking machine 1;

Germany ZOLLER tool setting instrument;

HAIMER heat shrink fit machine;

HANS laser marking machine;

Swiss TASE height measuring instrument;

Swiss TASE Hexagon coordinate measuring machine;

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