SFL-PP Medical Bottle Blowing Machine

Product introduction

1. With the double servo drive, double toggle structure, instead of the original tie bar clamping structure, simple structure, small size, low weight to achieve the effect of moving smooth, low impact and high speed.
With the new type of steel ball type torque limiter, can protect the related mechanism of the bottle blowing machine effectively, find the positive position automatically, reduce the technical content of the maintenance of the bottle blowing machine which makes the maintenance person easily and quickly handle the Technical issues.
3. With OMRON servo motor from Japan, use network control, which is stable and reliable.
4. By the size of the bottle blowing machine not increased, the heating system adopts the stereoscopic multi-layer heating mode. The production capacity of the 250ML bottle can be increased to 13000 bottles per hour, and reduced the energy consumption of the single bottle.
5. By adding a closed dustproof intake hood and connecting the independent filter inlet system in the equipment, compensated the exhaust air volume of the equipment, don’t need to collect air from the purification workshop, so that can saving energy consumption. The air blow out system of the bottle blowing machine adopts independent control, does not affect the workshop environment. The cleanliness is higher, minimally reduce the external pollution to the bottle blowing machine. (efficient filtration and purification system FFU, air fan、air pipe prepared by customers).
6. With bottle blowing and welding ring integration technology. The structure is simple and reliable.
7. use the high functional electrostatic eliminator to remove the particles and the upper embryo welding ring synchronously.



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