Modify preform mould and components to optimize the preform.

Do You Need More Flexible Production Methods To Meet The Market Demade?

Changing brands in Demark, such as HUSKY, MHT, OTTO, SIPA.
We change the following parts on the cold half mold: Core, Neck ring, Cavity, Gate insert

In order to meet customer demand, we replace the shaping parts on the mold in
order to change the preform structure.
The implementation of light weighting project
Quickly change preform neck

The quality as the original mold parts

Each mold is perfectly assembled with the original mold parts

Need less investment than the original mold parts

Mold Audit - the primary task before refurbishment

The service is tailored for Demark customers and designed to help customers evaluate the quality of their current production of preforms.

The audit process is as follows:By Demark senior technician in the field to check the mold The entire molding preform to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including measuring the flash status To provide customers with a recommendation of the audit report, to inform customers how to enhance / extend mold life If possible, a feasibility scheme for light weighting about mold modification is available.

Mold life cycle

Product quality: Flash, parting line, gate defects, etc
Cycle time: With time goes by, the cycle time is extended.
Use of raw materials: Due to over pressure or leakage, the weight of bottle is increased evenly.
Performance decrease: Each molding cycle will decrease the
performance of the mold. Energy consumption increase: Overcoming the defective process
caused the direct and indirect increase in energy consumption.
Efficiency decrease: There will be a cavity loss in effective production.

Active refurbishment = promote benefits

Extend the life cycle 100% cavity(Effective production)
Make sure the high quality products repeatedly cavity
to cavity shot to shot
Promote continuous running time
Cost savings
Demark With independent advantages of technology

Improve the quality

The quality of the product (especially the flash) is the key indicator of many indicators in the preform industry. By mold refurbishment, the preform flash can be improved efficiently.


Description: As the mold work long hours, with tapered clamping wear member is formed between the rows preload disappear preform parting line defects caused by burrs.

Seal failure caused by friction between the valve needle and the mold cavity for a long time, wear and deformation caused by long-term friction between all the structural sliding components.

Cold mold halves mold refurbished applies to the following brands:


Long continuous working temperature may lead to failure of the base positioning assembly, the manifold positioning error. Wearing parts produced in relatively long-term wear and tear, so that serious harm needle valve system work, hot runner heat balance and tightness.

Hot mold retouching is suitable for the following mold brands:

Service content:
Check all parts, manifold plate and mold plates; Cleaning and polishing manifold; Cleaning the parts for reuse; Source of the problem and tolerance analysis; Replacing damaged parts (including the manifold, the heat nozzle or mold plate); Assembly and authentication (including extended warranty)