ECO series high speed preform injection system

Product introduction

up grading the traditional method of preform preduction

Demark brings you the ECO series high efficiency preform injection system with many years’ innovation. The system is up to 72 cavities and double production capacity with normal injection machine. With the advanced pressure hold at the same time there fore has a better cycle time for production. With Demark precision preform injection molds, post cooling take out robot, centralized control system and high efficiency material drying system, the Eco series brings you more returns with limited investment.

The ECO series is specialized for preform production with enlarge screw and fast clamping design. The system is widely used for water and beverage preform production as well as big gram preform such as oil and 5L water preform. Demark also insist on the “turnkey” solution concept by offering preform design and whole plant planning to our customers with more suggestion on various aspects.


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*Demark reserves the right to make changes to the products and specifications are subject to change without notice.