Automation System

PET Taking-out Robot

Top-inside Robot

CNC AC Servo Driven Robots

Top-inside robot is mainly used in the field of universal injection system to replace the original manual operation with the advantages of high speed, high efficiency, clean health and so on. It can eliminate the hidden danger of safety, reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency. It is widely used in daily necessities, household appliances, packaging, auto parts and other industries.

In-mold Labeling Machine


IML System is mainly used in the plastic packaging industry. It can put the printed label into the container in the process of forming the label, so that the label and container can be integrated. Application: Ice cream packaging, Yogurt packaging, High-grade beverage cup, Seasoning box, Biscuit box, Latex paint bucket, etc.

Conveyor System

Vision Inspection System

Closure automation System

Preform automation System

Preform automation System:

Preform sorting and conveyor System (suitable for R6, R10, R14, R16 ). Including:Box turning Machine,Lifting Machine,Preform sorting machine,Slide channel The maximum speed can reach 36000pcs/h

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